"It would take at least a full year of seasons for us to really appreciate the great gift you have given us, in the building of our new summer home. Every day, I find something new about our gorgeous cottage that makes me appreciate your craftsmanship, dedication and professionalism. The brilliant finished product is testament to and artful process, wherein you each did your substantial part. Even after working with you for more than a year, I still can't figure out exactly who did which part, but it seems to me like an orchestra - where each artist does his or her own thing, but in synchronization with each other, and the cumulative outcome is a work of art.


I need to acknowledge, of course the excellent trades and suppliers you engaged - the tile guys and the painters, and really, everyone from the demolition crew to the plumber - they all did a first-rate job on this project, usually with you earnest encouragement and supervision. We thank them all.


I'm sure we were both wary, and a bit daunted at the start of this huge project - lots of potential for things to go wrong, or relationships to be strained by the weight of the details - but just the opposite happened. Almost everything went smoothly and according to schedule and I felt I gained new friends in the process. None of this happened by accident (except the weather); your careful attention to details, your excellent working relationships, built up over time - with each other and with our suppliers - made this work as smoothly as it did.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! We just love out new home, and feel so lucky to be living here. Your integrity and craftsmanship made this a really rich experience - one I almost wish I could repeat!" 


- Liz Kuntz

"We cannot thank you enough for the beautiful job you have done on the cottage.


We are thrilled beyond words.


Thank you, thank you, thank you on behalf of all of us.


We were fortunate to have our paths crossed."


- The Mann's

"Thank you so much for building me such a beautiful home.


It's gorgeous, beautiful, awesome, classy, comfortable, and cozy.


A special thank you to Leo for helping me with a multitude of decisions along the way."


- Marie Cartwright

"We are extremely happy with the final product.


The workmanship is fantastic and all the people who worked on it were very friendly, cooperative, and helpful. If we ever have the need for further work on our cottage we will not hesitate on calling your company.


Thanks for everything you did to help us complete out addition."


- Tippins

"A big thank you to all the guys for their patio building efforts.


The results are great and we all are enjoying it immensely.


All the Al's Contracting jobs over the years have come together to form such a great retreat. We know we have more projects to come and wanted to say "thanks" for the hard work and "to budget" builds.


Our thanks."


- The Yules